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Modularize and Integrate Web Applications
with Interactive Services

integrate with Qworum services

Available Plans:

For Internet Websites

For Businesses

Modularize (FREE):
Reduce your development costs through reusable interactive services, which you can call from anywhere within your site.

This plan is available for free to all internet websites, and is advertised by these partners.

If you would like your Qworum services to be also callable from third party websites, then consider subscribing to our Integrate plan instead.

Integrate (Coming Soon):
Offer better integration capabilities to businesses and websites by providing a Qworum API:

  1. Purchase a Service Provider subscription from your hosting provider,
  2. Install Qworum on your browser, and develop Qworum services on your local machine,
  3. Deploy your services with your hosting provider.

Integrate (Coming Soon):
Perform business integration with Qworum.

  1. Purchase a Qworum Enterprise license,
  2. Install Qworum on your employees' browsers, and
  3. develop Qworum services,
  4. Deploy your services in your enterprise network.
Usage Scenarios

Web Application Modularization:
Web applications can contain Qworum services that they use internally. Qworum helps reduce development costs through its service technology which helps prevent code duplication.

Integration Between Internet Web Applications:
Internet web applications that provide services to other web applications for authentication (OAuth, OpenID), payment processing (Google Checkout, PayPal Standard Checkout) and other purposes can use Qworum for integrating their services into remote web applications.

Business Integration:
Qworum is an integration technology that is entirely service-based. Services are combined for building business applications, adding features to existing applications, and integrating different applications with each other. Qworum supports a wide variety of integration scenarios: enterprise (on-premise/cloud), enterprise-SaaS, and SaaS-SaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Integration:
By using Qworum, SaaS vendors are able to address one of the biggest concerns of business customers: easy and secure integration of services with enterprise information systems. With Qworum, businesses are able to perform real-time SaaS integration, thus helping make SaaS just as effective and practical as on-premise and private cloud services.

How does Qworum work?

An interactive service technology:
Qworum services are RPC-style services that can interact with the end-user during their execution. They can receive XML data from their caller, and they can return XML data to their caller. They can be called by web applications, interactive services, and RPC clients. Qworum is currently the only technology that facilitates the provisioning and consuming of interactive services.

Implement once, integrate everywhere:
When a web application implements a feature as a Qworum service, other web applications can also use that feature.

A new web format:
Qworum defines a new XML-based web format that is handled by web browsers and other user agents. Web applications use it for calling Qworum services. Services use it for returning results to their callers, for storing their internal state on browsers, and even for calling other Qworum services. What about the user interface? Well, Qworum services rely on existing formats like HTML for that. That's minimalism.

An open technology:
The Qworum specifications are open. Anyone is free to implement Qworum on web browsers and other user agents, be it natively or as an add-on. Internet web applications are free to use Qworum. In addition, third parties are welcome to participate in the specification elaboration process. That's openness.

U.S. patent awarded

We are happy to announce that the Qworum service technology is now covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,266,632.